Foreigners EP

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Covina-based, Southern California raised, experimental hip-hop artist Illsamar, exemplifies at her craft of storytelling and smooth bars release after release.

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About Me

Illsamar takes an organic approach and stays true to her faith, belief, and individuality. Coming from a Mexican background, Illsamar's conscious awareness led for the artist to pen insightful, and more meaningful tracks, such as her spoken word Foreign. Incorporating tangible instruments for production, Illsamar's versatility ranges from her influences of alternative rock to boom bap, heard throughout her discography and playfully dabbles into the indie stream. Driven by her environment and passion, Illsamar's voice is an admirable echo within the hip-hop realm and leaves listeners with a sense of wanting more. Unmatched bars and playful puns, Illsamars evolution is heard the loudest on her forthcoming album released later this Fall.

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